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Information Management


The amount of biological information produced each year is growing exponentially. This increases the need for tools that can organize and analyze this wealth of information as well as tools that can "learn" from well-studied areas of biology and predict features of areas where little or nothing is known.


I'm involved in various research projects that roughly can be broken down into three areas; first, information management and analysis, second, method development, and thirdly application, and I prototype most of the code in the DDB software suite. Large-scale computational studies require sophisticated strategies and increasingly rely on heterogeneous infrastructure. Prototyping and testing are generally performed in house on Beowulf-type clusters. In contrast, large scale production-level calculations increasingly are performed in clouds or grids. In 2007, I designed and built Apollo, an 800-core cluster in David Goodlett's lab in collaboration with Greg Taylor. Most of the production work is carried out on the world community grid.


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