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Prediction of CASP6 structures using automated Robetta protocols.

Type Information
Nr 10 (Research article)
Authors Chivian, Dylan; Kim, David; Malmström, Lars; Schonbrun, Jack; Rohl, Carol; Baker, David
Title Prediction of CASP6 structures using automated Robetta protocols.
Journal Proteins (2005) Suppl 7 157-66
DOI 10.1002/prot.20733
Citations 196 citations (journal impact: 3.42)
Abstract The Robetta server and revised automatic protocols were used to predict structures for CASP-6 targets. Robetta is a publicly available protein structure prediction server that uses the Rosetta de novo structure prediction method. We incorporated some of the lessons learned in the CASP-5 experiment into the server prior to participating in CASP-6. We additionally tested new ideas that were amenable to full-automation with an eye towards improving the server. We find that the Robetta server shows the greatest promise for the more challenging targets. The most significant finding from CASP-5 that automated protocols can be roughly comparable in ability with the better human-intervention predictors is repeated here in CASP-6. Proteins 2005. c 2005 Wiley-Liss Inc.